Sweet Dreams

Quite literally, I have given up chocolate, cake and biscuits anything moreish or yummy!  Completely taken it out of my food intake… am I finding it easy!  Hell no, I am a complete cakeaholic. 

It’s getting so bad, I am dreaming about all these tasty treats and imagining I am eating them.  Then upon waking feel very guilty I broke me good intentions!  But I haven’t I am only indulging in my dreams, is it making living without them any easier… no its worse! 

I cannot carry on being so good in the day, when every night, I dream of eating sweet things again and again!  How do other people cope? Do you find your good intentions ruined by the fact your dreams are coated in sugar?!?

I think I might crack soon…

1 comment:

  1. Haha, quite literally Sweet Dreams - your poor body must be doing some serious craving - how are you coping now? x