The Christmas Booty

I love where hubbie works he has kindly patients that bring in treats for him!  He has that kind of efficient but sympathetic manner that warms the heart of the elderly ladies… plus a cheeky smile they love!

We have had lots of chocolates and bottles of wine.  I am looking forward to making a start on some of them but hubbie is showing restraint and everything will be saved till the 25th!  After which point it will be frantically scoffed as I think on the 1st of January he wants to turn over a new leaf and eat healthily so I dread to think how many bottles of wines and boxes of chocolates we need to work our way through in 7 short days!

Here is a picture of just a small selection of the stash: 

I hope everyone has a fantastic time over Christmas and you all enjoy that extra special time with your family (I shall be enjoying the wine hic!).


  1. Hope you enjoy helping him get through them and have a very Happy New Year.