Christmas is upon us

The children have attended their Christmas shows, I felt tearful and full of pride watching them!  My little elf and cute camel rocked the stage in their own way!  Eldest turned down a talking character as he thought it was too much like hard work and said he wanted to be a camel instead.  But he made an excellent camel anyway!

We have attended some lovely festive shows in the community, a crafting session decorating shortbread and making Christmas cards, a Christmas party and tonight we have a (sssssh secret) party (my boys do not know about this one so no details will be revealed here!).  Hubbie is feeling more relaxed, he even had a sneaky pint at one of the social gatherings, most unlike him!

I love Christmas and will be sad to see it go, as the whole area seems to get behind it.  I have the stockings prepped and ready to go, presents wrapped and little thank yous to hand to the postman etc (they deserve some extra chocolate for their help through the year!).

What will I do when the shops no longer sell mince pies!  For now I will make the most of it and bathe in the warmth of the Christmas tree lights…


  1. Decorating shortbread - bet that was fun and yummy too

  2. Both of my sons have been camels in their school nativity plays. A fine part to play! I'm the same as you - I love Christmas and I'll be so sad when it's all over. Hope you have a lovely time x