I need to stop doing it; I keep thinking of what I want and not cherishing what I have in heap loads already!  My boys although a little wild and rough round the edges are full of love, kisses and cuddles, my hubbie is distracted with work, but he is loyal and doing his best to help family finances and our house, is a warm and comfortable shelter, even if its not as grand as I would like!

So I need to live in the moment, love what I have, appreciate every moment and be grateful for all the wonderful things in my life.  I do not think Downton Abbey helps, with a manor and servants!  I could quite happily have breakfast served to me in bed every morning and a nanny to run around after the kids when you feel a little tired from wondering around your epic estate or from too many dinner parties!

I do not think it helps we are frantically paying back debt left right and center day dreaming about the finer things rather than making do, can be fun, plus I could swan around saying this is a fine kettle of fish!  They did speak more interestingly back then...

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