Cooking up a storm

Believe it or not I have started having cooking lessons under my mum’s guidance.  She is determined to see me improve my cooking skills one way or another!  I am truly hopeless, but I think times are changing as we produced meal number 1, a very tasty beef casserole.  The next few weeks I shall be attempting a range of different meals, my mum wants me to learn at least 10, so hubbie can have a little variety or I would have the same daily signature dish I know how to make!!!

I think my mum is glad we are spending some time together as usually I get bogged down with the kids and my mum seems to have a very active social life lately!  I am luckily to get a look in really if I am honest.  She is always off to some coffee with the girls, knitting master class or computer class.  So the cooking lessons are a chance for me to actually catch up whilst frantically writing notes so I can replicate the process on my own too!
I dread to think if my mum tries to get me to cook the Christmas dinner!!!  Not sure I am ready for the responsibility or the challenge just yet!  Although if I was in charge it would mean I could forget to cook the sprouts!

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