Half term already

Viewed here with a mixture of excitement and a little apprehension, seeing as I have to come up with lots of activities to keep the kids out of mischief.  Not helped overly by the fact youngest is now fighting a virus and has lots of temperature spikes!  I am not a fan of illness and when your child is ill you can give up any hope of getting any decent amount of sleep until they are well again.  So fingers crossed we have an improvement before I collapse in a corner.

We are also trying to nurse the dog back to good health!  The poor love has been getting thinner and thinner, we are trying to coax food down her.  I am spending a fortune trying different food combinations to get her interested in eating again.  I read on the internet that once you start feeding a dog from the table its hard to get them back eating at their dog bowl L I think my parents let her share one biscuit too many with them, so we are having to retrain her to eat properly again!

We also have a ageing hamster!  Bless him he used to be big and lively, but now he is thinning out and sleeping more than ever.  I think the lot of us could do with an injection of vitamins and some sun!!!

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