On the hunt for houses

It’s gone very quiet on here again; you can practically see the tumbleweeds blowing over my blog… I think I need to commit a little time to it or say goodbye!  So instead I will explain why there has been so little activity, I want to get a different house.  The house we have is nice but it’s not the one forever.  But looking for a house is actually harder than I thought as soon as they pop up for sale, they are under offer within days, lots are completely out of our smallish budget and the ones that are reasonable are no better than the one we have.  Tomorrow we have another viewing, I have nervous butterflies this time, as I am not sure this house is for us but hubbie is adamant we give it a chance.

So I will go with an open mind and try and see some potential!  Forget tumbleweeds there it’s a complete overgrown forest, I could get lost in the garden its so overgrown!  I know house shows on television would say to see past that, but it’s hard to see anything with that much greenery around the place!  So if I do not post again I am probably still there, please can someone kindly find me in the garden or one of the many run down sheds…

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