Not overly impressed

I think the estate agent must have had a degree in creative writing as the house was not like the one described on their website.  The double garage was a glorified corrugated iron shed and the driveway was probably only suitable for smart cars and then they would have to breathe in!  I do not like looking round houses, you have all the excitement and then all the disappointed!  Everything seems very expensive and the dream of more garden and an extra bathroom will be shelved for now methinks.  I am going to learn to love this house!  It has been in the family for years so its nice to have a shared history in the house I grew up, for my boys to play in the garden I enjoyed and to grow up nestled into the community.  We might not have a lavish lifestyle or an epic sized house but we have love by the bucket load for our family.

One day we might get the big house with grounds, but more grounds mean more gardening and to be honest we are hopeless at that aspect of things! Our grass is always overgrown, our boarders empty and our paths weed ridden... so until I can do a capable job of keeping this little house in good order, anything else might be a stretch too far (both for our finances and my domesticated ability!).

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