My new obsession

I have a problem I am hooked on farm shops… I cannot get enough of perusing through the prettily stocked shelves and baskets.  I spend a small fortune I just cannot help myself, I start loading up my arms with interesting chutney’s and jams, as many cakes as I can carry and yesterday’s haul even included Raspberry wine…

I have even started collecting leaflets where to find the biggest and best farm shops across the country!  There is no hope for me.  I am going to be dragging the family off to any available attraction if there is a chance to add to my growing collection of farm products!

It’s quite a new addiction, so does it come with age!  An appreciation of the shops and markets with specialised goods.  I do not mind paying a little more for an item made more lovingly, with more tender care than mass-produced lines!

The raspberry wine for one is going down very well indeed.

I wonder what I will discover on my next trip!


  1. I could just drink some raspberry wine now! Currently supping on strawberry cider yum!

  2. Raspberry wine sounds delicious, I am not on the lookout for a bottle.