A spot of baking

Well being cake chops its time we featured some cake!  Although nothing hugely skilled here, just a batch of fairy cakes for the boys to decorate!  I love cake, but this time it was more an activity for the boys, with a pile of decorating bits and bobs it kept them out of mischief for awhile (long enough for me to get my way through a fair few cakes myself washed down with a nice cuppa!).

I am hoping to get a little more flamboyant in my baking in a few days, with my children heading off to school full time I will have more time to spend in the kitchen!  It might even be time to invest in a few new kitchen pieces, believe it or not I do not own some essentials (like a chopping board!).  I want to create mouthwatering recipes to feature on here, so hopefully people finding my blog drool into their keyboards!

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