What’s in a name?‏

Cake Chops, interesting name for a blog possibly? But when you’re as addicted as I am to all things sweet and cake shaped, it was a natural choice.  This is my second blog and one more for me; my main one is more about my children.  So predictably I would have been called “there’s more to me” given half a chance – but alas that was not to be as it was already snaffled up! Sigh.  So hubbie got to wrack his brain, poor love it seems to have taken it out of him but a light bulb went on above his head, a name was deliberated and a blog was born!  Well it certainly stopped his grand idea’s of an evening spent trying to persuade me to release him back into the world of online gaming.

So hello and thank you for stopping by, if you love cake you have found a kindred spirit here.  But I also am quite partial to an infinite supply of cups of tea, flagons of wine and more chocolate than one woman should realistically ever eat in one sitting… when it comes to eating treats I am quite determined!  Shame I do not have the same motivation for all facets of my life.

I am a little sketchy at housework, I do make a token effort, I have been known to rush around moments before hubbie returns from work to give the illusion I have spent the whole day scrubbing and polishing.  I stretch dramatically across the sofa, passed out from my days efforts!  Then he tends to come to my aid, with tea and cake, like a chivalrous knight rescuing his maiden (you can so tell I have watched far too much Game of Thrones lately, by the way if you have not seen it yet you MUST!).

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