Two sides to every coin

I love being an established blogger (not here obviously but on my other blog!) and there are some fabulous perks! You would be impressed how well we are treated, complimentary entrance into attractions, bestowed with goodie bags laden with all kinds of lovely things and sent emails full of courteous comments about said blogs.

It took me by surprise at first I do not expect little ole me to be going round in these kinds of circles, I do not think I will tire of the events and the fuss. Although I do find them tiring, sitting with a permanent grin on your face (ready for any unsuspecting photo snapping!) on top of willing with the power of mind for my children to sit angelically can really take it out of you! All that hoping they are not set for raiding the provided drinks and snacks and pillaging the other children’s goodie bags takes keen observation skills and perhaps even jedi superpowers!

Statements like “I will smile for the picture mummy but only if you pay me…” do little to help my cause! So as much as I love blogging events, I might also hate them – well a little…

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