Projectile Vomit‏

Parenting moments nothing can prepare you for...

Yes this blog is meant to avoid talking about the kids, but some times they do something that makes you want the floor to swallow you up and escape the stares of a very packed café!  My youngest projectile vomited a very pink liquid (blame the Ribena he was drinking just before he blew!) quite a distance and in the time I went to beg for appropriate cleaning materials off a member of staff to sort out the chaos, he had round two, equally big and gushing and met by yet more looks of complete horror…

I guess to be fair to them if your happily drinking a cup of tea and about to chomp into a nice slice of cake and have to watch a scene like that it can take you away from your happy place a little.  Worse still for myself I was accompanied by a newly made blogger friend and trying to make a good impression.

So tonight I shall be eating cake and not holding back!  I endured, I survived, and tomorrow is another day (hopefully one I will stick with the theme of just talking about ME!).

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