How do you fit it all in?

I often find people very enthusiastic when you mention the perks of blogging, they then usually want you to help set up their blog (I have had four people I know start as a consequence of mine!), but when you say it takes a lot of time to run everyone wonders how you possibly manage it!

I always get the impression they must think we neglect our children, as we are far too busy tip tapping across the keyboard.  But you would be surprised how fast we can type, so blog posts can be churned out at speed! And in all honesty the only thing compromised is my free time.  I blog mainly in the evening when usually people would switch the TV on and start to unwind and relax and I go to bed later than I should… 

I only ever half watch my favourite episodes (hubbie has even read me the subtitles before as my eyes haven’t left my laptop screen as I am caught up writing my latest review!).  I do not mind as a rule as blogging has enriched my children’s lives, having fabulous experiences, unique items we might never afford and even meeting bloggers children and them making very dear friends!

The only problem is I am not a foodie blogger, my culinary ability is poor and that is being exceptionally kind, so I miss out on testing lots of new foods.  So if there are any new cakes on the market, they will find a loving home here, I promise to treasure them before gobbling them all up!

When it comes to cake I can definitely fit it all in…

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