Sweet Dreams

Quite literally, I have given up chocolate, cake and biscuits anything moreish or yummy!  Completely taken it out of my food intake… am I finding it easy!  Hell no, I am a complete cakeaholic. 

It’s getting so bad, I am dreaming about all these tasty treats and imagining I am eating them.  Then upon waking feel very guilty I broke me good intentions!  But I haven’t I am only indulging in my dreams, is it making living without them any easier… no its worse! 

I cannot carry on being so good in the day, when every night, I dream of eating sweet things again and again!  How do other people cope? Do you find your good intentions ruined by the fact your dreams are coated in sugar?!?

I think I might crack soon…

Life carries on

Not much been going on, thankfully the flood incident is behind us, although the walls protecting us from the sea are quite damaged so I do hope that the next surge planned in February is not as bad as this way!  With the sea defences in a sorry state we are not ready to face that anytime soon…

I have had no wins in January so far, I keep trying to remain positive and hope something might turn up in the next couple of weeks.  Something, anything would do the trick really!

The boys are settled back into school after Christmas, so the days are a blur of blogging, entering competitions and if pressed the odd bit of housework!  My plans to bake (with a blog called Cake Chops I should really do more!) have vaporised.  I am not quite sure where my time goes to be honest!  But it is flying by.  So really I should grab it by the horns and do all the things I want too. 

Today we had a lovely day; I took the boys to a panto.  They loved all the heckling and booing of the ugly sisters and the ugly stepmother!

The sea is surging

Scary day today the sea is surging and there has been extensive flooding!  Thankfully I had higher ground to head to but it was sad watching the devastation to walls and train track, fields and gardens.  Thankfully few properties have actually had flooding inside but the wind is howling and the tide is high again now.  Hoping tonight everyone stays dry and safe.  This is the first time I have experienced seeing the damage the sea can do and I would rather it went back to being a nice calm beautiful sea rather than this terrifying monster!!!

It is lovely though seeing the community pulling together at this time, volunteers and paid support services all trying their best to protect those in the area.  A rest centre was set up as a safe haven for people from the flooding, seeing everyone helping makes it more bearable.  But I will be pleased when life goes back to normal.

This picture from Gwion's Photography shows some of the devastion.